Biocrates AbsoluteIDQ MxP Quant 500

BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG is a leading biotechnology company focused on biomarker discovery and development of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) for early disease detection and progression in areas such as endocrinology, diabetes, nephrology, and oncology. Biocrates believes that, due to its high quality performance, mass spectromentry (MS) will come to play an increasingly important role in laboratory medicine. Biocrates considers itself to be in a unique position of becoming the leading provider of MS-Based standardized IVDs with unprecedented accuray, precision, and multiplexing potential, which will help to revolutionize the way perswonalized medicine is applied in practice.

Mass Spectrometry Based Quantitative and Reproducible Solution to Advance Research

MxP® Quant 500 is the most comprehensive kit for targeted metabolic profi ling. With a coverage of up to 630 metabolites from 26 biochemical classes, the kit brings most advanced metabolomics technology to researchers. Fast turnaround times and reliable quantifi cation of a broad range of metabolites, including substances related to nutrition and host- microbiota interaction, ensure innovative scientifi c fi ndings with sustainable impact.


  • MxP® Quant 500 has been designed to provide broad coverage of the metabolome and to maximize the information that can be obtained from the pathways targeted by the kit. Reliable quantifi cation of metabolites has important implications besides increasing the reproducibility of fi ndings. Quantifi cation of up to 630 metabolites allows to calculate thousands of metabolite sums and ratios. A large number of published sums and ratios have been shown to be biologically relevant (Steiner et. al. PLoS One 2018). The table below shows an example metabolic pathway and selected ratios with their biological signifi cance.
    suitable for various types of biological sample material

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