Autogenomics Infiniti System

The INFINITI® System is a multiplexing, continuous flow, random access microarray platform that offers high performance genetic marker detection with varying options in automation and throughput. The platform is utilized in clinical multiplex systems intended to measure and sort multiple signals from a singular clinical sample. They are designed to measure fluorescence signals of labeled DNA target hybridized to novel BioFilmChip® microarrays using Target Signal Amplification chemistry. The assays can be processed automatically or semi-automatically, and read by the built-in image sensor. Results are analyzed and presented in easy to read format with clear call designations, removing the need for additional data analysis by the user.


The INFINITI® PLUS Analyzer (PLUS) is an automated, multiplexing, continuous flow, random access microarray instrument that is designed to integrate all the discrete processes of genetic testing, including sample handling, reagent management and detection for the analyses of DNA sequences, into a self-contained system. The Analyzer feature a built in high resolution CCD camera and a temperature cycler for signal amplification, and is designed to operate in a random access mode. The Analyzer operates on a “load and go” (sample to answer) basis, which means that to run a test, an operator need only load prepared samples into the applicable Analyzer along with the test-specific BioFilmChip microarrays, which are the multi-layer microarrays on which tests are run, and the test-specific Intellipac Reagent Management Modules, which are the reagent-holding conduit designed to communicate all relevant information about a test to the Analyzer without any intervention from the operator. Once the Analyzer is loaded and the tests are initiated, no supervision is required. In this fashion, the PLUS is capable of producing up to 192 test results per day. From the perspective of the operator, the test protocols are identical for each of our genetic tests, which eliminates the need to repeatedly train operators when additional tests are added. After the test is completed, the Analyzer generates an electronic report that can be transmitted directly to a laboratory information system.


The INFINITI® High Throughput System (HTS) is a semi-automated self-scalable, multiplexing, random access microarray analysis platform. Comprised of 3 modules, this platform features a convectively heated hybridization chamber, a multi-channel microarray processing system, and built-in high resolution LED image sensor. The system is designed to operate in random access mode capable of producing up to 6,912 test results per day, while employing standard PCR “off the shelf” front end systems. Key to the HTS scalability is the modular design of the integrated systems. With a staggered processing and scanning time of less than 15 minutes for 96 multiplexed microarrays, the system enables superior workflow optimization opportunities with addition of economical and easily acquired front end DNA processing equipment.

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