We are a team formed by the engineers & technicians with more than 10 years’ experience in vitro diagnostic field from United States, Asia, and Europe. We are dedicated to the development of high-precision and user-friendly in vitro diagnostic devices to improve the medical environment’ s quality around the world. The highly integrated resources and talents in the fields of R&Ds, patents, products, and market deployments have attracted the attention of many venture capital corporations. In July 2016, for example, Vivo Capital, a famous venture capital company in Silicon Valley, invested us and also offered a lot of resources for us to develop the market.

In recent years, the aging population and the increasing number of infertility have led to problems in social, economic, and many other aspects. The population is a basic index to evaluate the competitive strength of a country. Therefore, to increase the fertility rate has become one of the important issues for many countries.
However, to overall review the market of medical device you will find that there are few products focusing on the specimen testing in human reproduction field. Because of this, Bonraybio creates the product brand, LENSHOOKE & C-KUP , and devotes to develop the high precision testing system with excellent efficiency of detection flow to increase the quality of medical environment, and also to raise the birth rate of human beings.

Semen Quality Analyser

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