Hipro A3 Automated Immunoassay System

Principle and application

It is based on the specific reaction of antigen and antibody. Aggregation reaction will take place as the combination of the antigen and antibody, thus increase the value of scattering light/absorbance/ fluorescence. Supposing that the concentration of the antibody is settled, we are able to adopt photoelectrical sensor technology to calculate concentration of the antigen. It is applicable for whole blood test of C-reactive protein (CRP), glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), urinary microalbumin (mAlb), homocysteine(HCY), D-dimer, anti-streptolysin (ASO), rheumatoid factor (RF) , four cardiopathy assays and five immunity assays, etc

Technical features


  • Globally advanced 3D nephelometry technique, real-time test at 4 channels
  • Whole blood testing, finished in 1-5 min
  • Built-in calibration, constant temperature and quality control system, ensure accurate results
  • Intelligent bubble recognizing technique, stable test results
  • Water-proof function of test channel,reliable system performance


Three key technologies innovation


Automated platform:

  • Multiple test methodologies integration
  • Automatic Laboratory platform
  • International reagent


Full-function module:

  • Single module capable of all functions, combination of 1-48 modules
  • Appropriate fro laboratories of all sizes, Scalability for cost savings


3-level Calibration system:

  • Physical calibration by standard liquid traced to ANSI
  • Remote standard curve calibration
  • System calibration by custom quality control supplied by Bio-Rad


Full automatic testing process: initial temperature detection, startup of rapid heating mode, 2D code reading, mixing of sample and R1, injection of R2 and mixing, confirmation of test temperature, methodology confirmation, quality control calibration, testing, data display, link to LIS, report printing.



Maximum performance, minimal space

Spectrum: 1nm(340-860nm); CV<1%
Data interfaces: LAN, LIS/HIS, RS232, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, SD
Power: AC 100~265V
Volume: L xW x H: 385 x 305 x 353mm
Weight: 15Kg


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