Randox Linearity Verifiers

Acusera Verify Linearity Sets

The new Acusera Linearity Sets are designed to challenge a larger segment of an instruments reportable range to assess whether a system calibration is still valid. With complementary data reduction software, Acusera Verify, our dedicated calibration verifiers are able to meet specific instrument requirements ensuring accurate and consistent results.

In order to ensure the highest possible standards in laboratory testing, CLIA has recommended that a laboratory perform and document calibration verification procedures at least twice per year and/or in the event of the following:

  • Change of reagents
  • Instrument maintenance
  • Poor QC results
  • New instrument

The Acusera Linearity Sets cover a wide range of clinical testing including; Cardiac Markers, Therapeutic Drugs and Specific Proteins. Designed with convenience in mind, all linearity sets are supplied liquid ready-to-use, in varying levels with a unique combination of analytes enabling laboratories to consolidate testing and reduce the number of individual products required.


Acusera Verify Data Reduction Software

Complimentary data reduction software is supplied with all our Acusera Linearity Sets. When used in combination you can effectively challenge your instrument across the complete reportable range while ultimately ensuring accurate and reliable patient testing.

Features include;

  • Online access anytime, anywhere for user convenience
  • Intuitive user interface with simple data entry functionality
  • Easy to interpret charts for at-a-glance performance assessment
  • Access to peer group data for enhanced troubleshooting
  • Expert technical support available

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