About the RX Modena

The RX modena is a high volume, floor standing, fully automated clinical chemistry analyser that promises to revolutionise your laboratory and transform diagnostics. Icon based, interactive touch-screen technology adds a modern flair to your laboratory. Capable of running up to 1,200 tests per hour, with unique HbA1c testing abilities, the RX modena consolidates all your assay requirements onto one intuitive platform. Welcome to the Modena Era.

Optimal lab performance

  • Dedicated twin reagent micropipette and dedicated sample pipette both equipped with liquid level sensors and crash detection
  • Calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available, alert for shortage, expired reagent and expired calibration.


  • 13 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating: 340, 380,415,450,478,510,546,570,600,660,700,750 and 800nm
  • Immediate sampling interruption for addition of samples via loading hatch l allows continual loading and STAT sampling
  • Multiple primary tube sizes (Diameter 12-15mm, height 100mm)

High throughput

  • 800 photometric tests per hour
  • 200 ISE tests per hour
  • 1,200 maximum throughput
  • An immunoassay platform can be attached to create a modular system

Highly accurate testing

  • Integrated ISE unit for sodium, potassium, and chloride
  • Dedicated micropipette facilities crash protection and clot detection
  • Serum indices detect lipaemic, icteric, and haemolytic samples, building confidence in results and reducing the need for expensive repeats

Advanced QC capabilities

  • Interactive Levey-Jennings charts, Daily, Monthly and Batch QC with data archiving
  • Automatic QC and automatic calibration

Advanced on-board stability

  • Cooled reagent carousel with 100 positions (50 positions for 70ml bottles and 50 positions for 20ml bottles)
  • Removable tray with 90 positions for samples, 10 cooled positions for controls and calibrators


  • Simple twice-yearly preventative maintenance service reduces likelihood of analyser downtime
  • Extensive test menu allows consolidation of testing
  • Programmable  daily maintenance can be set before your work day begins with automatic wake-up and sleep functionality

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